Searching for Big Foot at Governor Nelson State Park.

Some hikes are more about nature than others.
This was definately not one of those hikes.

This hike was all about Big Foot.

“I think this is big foot’s den,” said DaVonte.

“I think this is his foot print,” said Buba.

“Do you think this is where he goes to the bathroom?” questioned Ebrahim.

And so it went on a blustery hike at Governor Nelson State Park. Who knows what prompted their interest in Big Foot. There are some things that kids are naturally drawn to, and large, forest-dwelling creatures rank high on that list.

After that trip, the kids kept asking me for more information about Big Foot so I shared a book by Jay Rath called the W-Files. It’s full of newspaper accounts of all sorts of unexplained phenomenon, including Big Foot. There’s even a photo of Big Foot with long claws and fangs. The kids were impressed.

They loved reading about Big Foot and I think it’s wonderful to let their imaginations soar on hikes. Afterall, isn’t learning to love the outdoors what it’s all about?

Let me know what you think?  Would you encourage this kind of play?  

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