Make an ordinary snowman into something extraordinary with a little color.

Who says snow has to be white? With a little food coloring, you can turn a field of white into all the colors of the rainbow.

To make colored snow, fill spray bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring. The kids will have fun marking their territory and creating all sorts of games.

To make snow ice cream, put about a half cup of apple sauce in a small bowl and fill with snow. Mix together and eat. Add some milk to make the mixture creamier or try different flavors. For the complete recipe and lots of variations, click here.

What are you doing to turn winter upside down?


Adding snow to apple sauce makes a yummy snow treat. Add a bit of milk or cream to make the mixture creamy.


Use food coloring to make rainbow ice cream using snow. It’s yummy and fun to make.

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